Thursday, January 15, 2009 is live!

Hey there FLS Sports members,

I wanted to pass this info onto you. One of my clients (and friend) has launched, with his team, a great new site (it actually replaces an older version) called It is fast becoming the premier international networking site for endurance sports enthusiast. Check it out. Sign-up. Add me as a friend!



Julie Silber
FLS Sports: Faster Longer Stronger

Forwarded message:

Howdy folks, is now officially online as the primer Triathlon and Endurance Sports Network. It is a little different to what you know from the previous version of our site. It is more personal, more honest, and more brutal in its product testing and reporting and a hell lot of fun for everybody.

Thanks for joining and showing your support. We are looking forward to growing this network with you and spreading the spirit of multi sports...and that’s why we want YOU to choose the next features to be implemented on the site...Write us what you would like to see to - Is it status updates and a status page to see what your friends are doing, a general chat function everybody can join, A Ride to Share Category, or something else - Rock n' Roll and please invite all your friends to

Also check out our Triathlon Charity - A Jersey for an Orphan - for which we are auctioning off cool signed gear from the pros. Thanks to the rock stars of Triathlon including Miranda Carfrae, Craig Alexander, Faris Al Sultan, Norman Stadler, Ronnie Schildknecht and many more... The charity will be announced on this coming Saturday.

Trinited we stand!

Till BB Schenk

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