Monday, February 2, 2009

Endurance Sport Basics!

As a coach, I have worked with all types of athletes. Whether you're aiming to go Pro, are a top ranked armature, a middle of the packer or just getting off the sofa for the first time in years, the basics are the same. You must set your goals, have a plan and be flexible.

Set Your Goal(s):
* Your goal must be specific
* Your goal must be measurable with a date
* Your goal must be realistic and achievable
* Make your goal something special to you
* Make having fun part of your goal

Have a plan of action:
* Does some research and determine the steps it will take to achieve your goal
* With the help of a coach or on your own, write-out your training plan
* Recording your progress is important. You can do with one of the myriad of training logs out there or, again, with the help of your coach
* Remember that things are always changing – be prepared to adjust your plan or goal if changes occur that make if necessary to do so.


* Have fun! Even the “burn” can be enjoyable.
* Rest!! Remember that your rest days are just as important as your workouts.
* If demands on your time make you skip a workout don’t worry, but make sure you get in your Quality workouts. Your coach or training program will tell you which workouts are the most important.
* Remember to keep balance in your life: Take time for your family and other relationships and to explore other joys of life besides training.
* Listen to your body. There’s no need to
* Do you own workout rather than trying to keep up with or slow down for others.
*EAT! Food is your fuel … and good nutrition is a major tool used to get to your goal (see previous Training Tip on post-workout nutrition for more information)